Our Story

High Octane Coffee is skillfully crafted with a mission to make premium coffee accessible to everyone. A new kind of ready to drink Coffee experience delivering the perfect aroma and taste that you would find at your local café. All of this, without the need for multiple ingredients, equipment, or expertise.

Our range of High Octane Beaten Coffee is made with the highest quality of ingredients, flavours, and low sugar. We aim to bring delicious, easy to make coffee available to everyone, everywhere.

Our founders' biggest motivation to start this company was through their travels to various countries. They were awed but jealous of the amazing coffee that was available at every nook and corner at such affordable prices. The disruptive model that the company is built on allows us to deliver Fresh Handmade Beaten Coffee in delectable flavors to our customers for a direct farm to cup experience. Our beans are directly sourced from plantations in Coorg. All the other raw materials be it Hazelnut, Vanilla, Cinnamon or the recyclable jars are sourced from Indian companies so that we can proudly call ourselves 100% Desi.