Debunking Myths About Coffee

Coffee Insights

Ah, coffee. Some of us drink it as a daily ritual, while others chug it down on those tiresome days we can’t get out of bed. Either way, coffee has been under much scrutiny of its potential risks and health effects. Let’s take a look at these myths to decide once and for all if coffee is good or bad for you.


1. Coffee stunts your growth.

Verdict : False

There is no correlation between drinking coffee and not growing to your potential height. This myth was started because the first researchers tested the effects of coffee on the elderly. Their bone mass was deteriorating due to lack of calcium, not from drinking coffee. This poorly conducted study has unfortunately left a bad taste in our mouths about coffee for decades.

2. Expensive Coffee is very good

Verdict : Eh, depends

Kopi luwak the most expensive coffee in the world is made from coffee cherries that have been eaten, digested and defecated by the Asian Palm Civet. More commonly known as the "Cat Poop Coffee".

Due to the high demand of speciality coffee, the poor animals have been captured, put in cages in giant plantations and force fed the coffee berries. Naturally solitary, the civets suffer stress when living in close proximity to each other, have numerous health problems due to the coffee cherry diet and often die. Hence the coffee in reality doesn't taste good anymore.

3. Coffee makes you lose weight.

Verdict : True

Coffee increases your metabolic processes by up to 11% and burns fat in your body to use for energy. Scientists have found that drinking coffee can stimulate brown fat and aid weight loss. Stimulated brown fat can burns calories to generate body heat. 

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4. Coffee prevents diseases.

Verdict : True

In current on-going research, it has been found that coffee may protect against colon and breast cancer, type 2 diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, liver cancer and liver cirrhosis. As a bonus, it may even lower your risk of death from cardiovascular disease.

5. Coffee causes depression.

Verdict : False

Coffee actually fights headaches and counteract the negative effects of depression, and may even decrease suicide risk.

Coffee also contains chlorogenic acid, ferulic acid, and caffeic acid. These acids can reduce the inflammation of nerve cells that takes place in the brains of people with depression.

So be happy and keep drinking High Octane Coffee. :)


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